Why is Treehouse the right partner for your recruiting needs? The treehouse, for us, symbolizes our unique vantage point, our creativity, and the scrappiness it took to build that backyard fortress where all the magic happened when we were kids.

We built Treehouse Partners to help our clients view their organizations with a new perspective. It’s like when you climbed up into that special hideout you built, looked out over your yard from above, and were able to see that all your lost soccer balls and Frisbees were resting in your neighbor’s garden. Because we’re not “on the ground” day-to-day within your company, we see things differently. We might identify benefits you’re already providing your employees but not promoting as perks; perhaps we can see areas for development within your existing team; or maybe we’ll put fresh eyes on the company culture and use that information to recruit candidates who are the strongest fit.

Some scrap wood, a little bit of paint your neighbor was throwing out, and your father’s old hammer came together to build your fort in the sky – maybe you even strung together a couple of soup cans and some string to keep in touch with your neighbors. From writing a job description that captures your team’s dry sense of humor to negotiating a contract on your behalf, we use our scrappiness, creativity, and work ethic to help maximize your recruitment and retention efforts.

Lastly, there is a certain inexplicable feeling of fun and joy that envelops you just by being in a treehouse. We’re excited about what we do; we’re eager to meet challenges and figure out new solutions to your human capital needs. Treehouse Partners harnesses and employs that feeling of magic born from collaboration, fresh ideas, and a few rusty nails.

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