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a different perspective on human capital

Managing a Virtual Team


In the modern workplace virtual teams are becoming more and more common. Technology allows employees to be productive no matter where they are without forcing them to be chained to their desk all day. This has many advantages, but also brings a new set of challenges. How can a boss be sure their employees are delivering when they can’t see what they are doing day after day? On the flipside of that, an employee might feel disconnected and isolated when working remotely without the constant communication and collaboration that comes from working in an office.

Making a virtual team successful takes work on both the side of the employee and the employer. This is something we research often at Treehouse Partners since we work on a partially virtual basis and are always trying to make this as effective as possible.

We especially like this article from Forbes with ten great tips on managing a virtual team: http://www.forbes.com/sites/iese/2013/06/20/managing-virtual-teams-ten-tips/

Do you work virtually? If so, which of these tips (if any) have you utilized?