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Music in the workplace is proving to be more helpful than hurtful.

Listening to music in the morning is a great way to start the day, especially when commuting to work. Whether it’s the radio or your personal playlist, the tunes boost energy and make the drive a little less drab. However, in most workplace settings the music stops when the work begins.

At Treehouse Partners, it’s just the opposite. Music is not only always playing, but dancing and singing along are also widely appreciated and encouraged. It can be mundane working in a silent environment, especially when it’s a smaller or shared office space. In addition to making the workday a little more fun, music has been found to increase productivity and effectiveness.

In a recent study, researchers at Cornell University found evidence to support the notion that working while listening to “upbeat” music can lead to increased productivity, cooperation among coworkers and more hard work. It’s no different than a workout class for example, everyone in the class is in sync as a result of the beat, which leads to more unison and cooperation throughout, not to mention an increased energy in the room. The same is true for us in the Treehouse; whether it’s a slight foot tapping to the beat or full-on singing and dancing, everyone is engaged in not only the music, but also their work. Being in sync with the music leads to in sync coworkers who are more willing to work together. By incorporating music with a strong beat and energetic vibe, a new type of professional environment emerges that benefits both employees and employers.

Our playlists in the Treehouse vary almost daily, but a consistent favorite is Hipster Barbecue on Pandora. The playlist includes songs from the Arctic Monkeys, The Head and the Heart, and Vampire Weekend to name just a few. Hipster Barbecue always seems to get the office feeling groovy in the mornings! A recently discovered favorite of our CEO’s is Poolside Hits, which is great for an afternoon energy surge.  Diana, our Recruiting and Operations Manager is the old soul of the office when it comes to her music preferences. She prefers classic rock and loves the Beatles; her playlist choices are great for any time of the day! While we may not always agree on what playlist should be on at any given moment, it is safe to say music is always playing in the Treehouse and according to Cornell, we’re doing it right!

Music for the professional soul is the new office trend, you’ve heard it here first. What do you listen to during your workday?

Follow along with our favorite playlists on Pandora and Spotify!