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Job Search Tips for Millennials


The workplace is constantly evolving as more and more millennials graduate from college and start searching for jobs. With the constant influx of young, college-educated individuals entering the workforce, merely finding a job is difficult. Of course, recent grads also need to look for jobs that pay fairly well or have significant upward mobility, as they likely have a mountain of loans that they are buried in. Forbes gives helpful survival tips to millennials to help them deal with the competition  Here are a few summarized tips, along with our own advice.

Keep Working!

Even if your dream job isn’t available, it is better to keep yourself occupied than to wait around for the perfect position to open up. Perhaps you could become an intern in your field or volunteer for an organization you are interested in. By taking initiative and actively sharpening your “soft” and “hard” skills, you will not only enhance your resume, but also gain experience needed for your field. Eventually, you’ll have a strong resume that can stand on its own, which will increase your chances of getting your perfect job.

Think About Graduate School

While I absolutely loved my experience at UCLA-Anderson’s School of Management and have seen a great return on my MBA, I strongly urge you to refrain from applying merely because you’re confused about where to go with your life. If you just want to move up in your career, look for programs with night classes so that working full-time is still possible. Nevertheless, make sure to only apply to graduate school if you are sure it will pay off or if it is a field you actually want to study.

When searching for loans to fund higher education, consider getting one from a family member or close friend rather than the government. Your family loves you and is there to support you. As a result, they may be able to help by giving you a loan at something less than a 7.9% rate! Also, try to keep from getting into more debt than your expected annual income upon graduation (For example, an endeavoring teacher wouldn’t get a loan of $120,000).

Roommates Are Great

Not only can roommates make fun companions, but they can also split the monthly rent cost and save you money. Forbes.com advises to “not spend more than a third of your gross income on rent” and “ideally, keep it to no more than a quarter”. One of the only ways to do this is by finding a roommate (or two!). Keep in mind, though, that you will need to find a place where both of you could live comfortably based on your budgets.

Embrace Failure

Of course, it is inevitable that you will come across a time in your life when you fail at a task or job. But just remember, it’s how you handle your setbacks that truly define your character.  Try to learn from the experience and not be ashamed of it or deny that it happened. Jan Slinger, CEO of Spanx also advises to redefine your definition of failure to mean not trying. The outcome of a given situation doesn’t matter as long as you take a risk – and that’s something to celebrate rather than fear!

Do What You Love

Although it’s important to stay busy even if your dream job isn’t available, try to find work in a field or for a company that interests you. If you’re enthusiastic about what you’re doing, you’ll enjoy going to work. This will amplify your skill set and increase your productivity, which will, in turn, lead to more money. The alternative can be forcing yourself into a profession you dislike, and then eventually leaving years later to follow your dreams. It is much easier financially and emotionally to start off doing something you enjoy.

We at Treehouse Partners know how crucial it is for companies to hire employees who have a passion for what they’re doing. We are dedicated to finding enthusiastic, enterprising candidates for our clients each and every day.

We hope that you benefit from these valuable pointers and consider them when making your job-related decisions!