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a different perspective on human capital

Inside the Treehouse: The Summer Internship Experience

THP Summer

If you’re familiar with Treehouse Partners or with our CEO and Founder, Kate Pletcher, then you probably know that we’re not your grandmother’s recruiting firm. We’re a wacky melange of personalities–yet somehow, we all click together fantastically. As such, working at Treehouse Partners is vastly different from working in a traditional office setting, and accepting an internship with our firm means you’re in for a wild ride!

This past summer, we were fortunate to on-board two sharp, energetic UCLA students,Tyler Cheng and Micayla Hook, as full-time interns during their summer break. Tyler and Micayla had each completed internships with other companies prior to coming to Treehouse Partners, so we asked how their experience with us differed from their previous internships. This is what Micayla had to say:

I began interning at  Treehouse Partners this past July. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I walked into the Treehouse (yes, it’s really a treehouse!) on my first day excited to learn about the ins and outs of the recruiting world. As an aspiring Human Resources professional, I believed that understanding the recruiting process would serve as an invaluable experience which would help me curate valuable skills I could use in my future endeavors. And as my internship is nearing its end, I think that I couldn’t have been more right!

What I’ve Learned

Before my internship here, I had a simplistic view of how the recruiting process worked. I knew, of course, the primary goal was to interview candidates and to place qualified candidates into relevant roles. However, I completely took for granted the amount of work it takes just to get candidates to that stage! While there are instances where candidates actively apply for open positions, more often than not, finding candidates involves reaching out to hundreds of candidates a day. Since interning here, I often find myself on my morning commute to work looking at the sea of other work-going individuals on the 405, wondering how many of them we reached out to this week.

I also learned to appreciate how rewarding and exciting the world of recruiting can be. For example, with every new job we accept, we are given an inside look into the personalities, ambitions, and cultures that comprise a company. Getting to know companies on this level allows us to find qualified individuals who align themselves with our clients’ missions. Therefore, when you find a qualified candidate who fits these criteria, you can’t help but feel like you are actively contributing to the overall health and success of the company itself! 

Inside the Treehouse

Working at the Treehouse was an enormous contrast to the highly corporate internship I had last summer. The laid back environment of the Treehouse fostered a relaxed, comfortable work environment, and has ultimately allowed me to really get to know and learn from my colleagues in the office. Our office “Alexa” is always going with some great tunes (some playlists are better than others) and our office dog (Kirby) is always there for a needed afternoon smile.

All in all, I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Treehouse Partners this summer and look forward to seeing all of the great things they accomplish in the coming year!