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Goal Setting & Productivity – The Perfect Match


Everybody loves a day at the beach, and we here at Treehouse are no exception!

Every workplace strives to be the most productive environment they can be, and many companies go to great lengths to try to push their workers to the next level of efficiency. At Treehouse, we’re no different, and seemingly have tried everything to keep an efficient and focused, yet fun workplace. Fortunately, we’ve found one solution that really seems to work for us: goal-setting. By setting both individual and company-wide goals, we’ve found our productivity and efficiency increase, while keeping our community fun and continuously learning more about each other.

We’re not the only ones who have noticed the positive results of goal-setting. Recent studies from both the Institute of Labor Economics and the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness have displayed that by simply setting a few goals a week, employees can improve their productivity by as much as 25%. That’s like adding an extra two hours to each of your eight-hour work days! Workers also found themselves more motivated to tackle the tasks they already had in front of them. Other studies show this accomplishment isn’t unique to individuals; in fact, entire workforces can increase their productivity and focus, simply by setting goals as a group.

Reaching these goals not only makes workers more productive, but also gives your workplace an opportunity to incentivize productivity with some fun teambuilding activities. We at Treehouse recently spent the morning on a sailboat in Marina del Ray, getting to know a little bit more about each other and enjoying our joint achievement. This day of fun and bonding not only allowed our workplace to relax, refocus and have a unique experience together, but it also has made us more driven as an office to hit that next set of goals together!

The holidays are the perfect time to make some room for fun at work – and this can be especially productive if some goals are set first to get there. You’ll be surprised by the increased focus, productivity and collaboration your office shows! Whether you’re out tackling the newest escape room with your entire office, going to dinner as a small team, or just taking the company out on the water like we did, it’s always nice to get a little taste of success.