Employers FAQ’s

How much will this cost?

The answer to this question is: it depends. We offer a range of search options and fee structures. For the most part, once we successfully place a candidate, we take a percentage of their first-year salary. We also offer flat rate searches, contract arrangements, and hourly consulting services. We pride ourselves on being flexible, creative, and accommodating in every aspect of our business; that includes our fees. Cost has never been the reason a client opted out of our services and that’s important to us.

Why should I pay you rather than just doing this myself?

This is one of our favorite questions; it’s a really important one. You should absolutely try to do the search on your own, make use of your existing networks and connections, and look to fill your company’s need from within your current team. If that is not successful, or takes too much time, consider outsourcing this important function to us. When we need to do our taxes, while we could certainly do it ourselves, we outsource it to an accounting firm. All they do is accounting. Well, we’re a recruiting firm. All we do is recruit talent. When you need to hire, we think that you’ll be happy if you call us.

How long will the search take?

As a general rule, we will have candidates to present seven to ten days after you engage our search. However, because all of our searches are collaborative efforts with our clients, our timeline is also contingent on your feedback and responsiveness.

What if I don’t like the people that you find?

We will continue sourcing, interviewing, and presenting candidates until you find the best fit for the role. The feedback you give us throughout the process will help us refine our sourcing and interviewing until we find “the one.”

What if I hire one of your people and it doesn’t work out?

In our experience, employers know within a week or two whether or not a new employee is a fit. Treehouse Partners offers a 60-day guarantee on all candidates we place. That means that if you decide within those 60 days that things aren’t working out, we will re-engage our search at no additional cost.