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a different perspective on human capital

Change Jobs, Not Companies


​Gone are the days when an employee would spend their entire career with the same company; dedicating their life to the organization’s mission and goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker of today only stays at their job for about 4.4 years and this number is shrinking.  According to Future Workplace, 91% of Millennials except to stay in a job for less than three years. If this comes to pass, the average Millennial will have 15-20 jobs over the course of their lifetime.

Any Human Resources Manager or Recruiter will tell you about the wariness that comes from reading resume after  resume with multiple 1-2 year job stints on it.  It immediately leads to questions on the applicants’ motivation, dedication and skill level. If you’re feeling the itch for a new job, but avoid building up a laundry list of previous employers, we recommend trying to change jobs within your company, instead of switching companies.

If you work for a larger company, there are multiple opportunities to expand your experience set and possibly take on an entirely different role within the same company. However, this can be a tricky maneuver to pull off.  Check out these tips to change your career path within your current company:

–          Cut to the chase quickly: If you make the decision to speak to your supervisor about a change in career direction make sure you cut to the chase quickly. If you act nervous or waver it will look as if you found another job and your supervisor might question your dedication to the company.

–          Ask for Advice: A great way to broach into the conversation is to ask for advice. This way you will show what you are looking for and that you value your supervisor’s opinion. Who knows – they might come up with the idea on their own to have you switch into a different role.

–          Prepare your pitch: You know what you want and why! Be sure you can communicate this in a clear and concise way. Practice ahead of time and know exactly why you think you are qualified for another role within your company.

–          Be clear on your passion and values: If you show you really know what you want to do and learn it will be obvious why it makes sense to transition you into a different opportunity. Just make sure your goals make sense for the new position you are seeking.

–          Connect with people outside of your team: Look for opportunities to make friends outside of your department. They are the best key to other opportunities within your company.

Not only does this idea of taking on different roles within the same company make sense for the employee, it can also benefit the hiring manager. A good manager knows the value of retaining a quality employee. It is much more beneficial to have an employee try out a different job within the company than lose them all together.

Have you changed jobs within the same company and has that been a successful transition? What advice would you have for others who wish to do the same?