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Introducing Treehouse Partners

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Treehouse Partners, a full scale recruiting firm offering a different perspective on human capital, launched in May

LOS ANGELES, Ca., July 14, 2014…Treehouse Partners is a new recruiting firm based in Venice, California helping organizations across the country think about how to recruit and obtain top talent. The firm fills roles across a variety of industries and business functions ranging from strategy to finance to marketing to HR to sales to legal and more.

Kate Pletcher launched the firm in May, with the goal of helping companies discover a new way to think about their next great hire. The treehouse symbolizes the firm’s unique vantage point, their creativity, and the scrappiness it took to build that backyard fortress where all the magic happened when we were kids.

“Because we’re not ‘on the ground’ day-to-day within your company, we see things differently. We might identify benefits you’re already providing your employees but not promoting as perks; perhaps we can see areas for development within your existing team; or maybe we’ll put fresh eyes on your company culture and use that information to recruit candidates who are the strongest fit, “ says Pletcher of her unique approach to recruiting.

In the short months since Treehouse Partners has launched, the firm has already placed top-talent in a variety of positions throughout Los Angeles. The Treehouse Team is eager to continue this success by meeting challenges and figuring out new solutions to companies’ human capital needs.

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About Kate Pletcher of Treehouse Partners:

Kate Pletcher is the Founder and CEO of Treehouse Partners. Prior to launching the firm, Kate owned and ran a successful franchised staffing firm in Los Angeles, served as Director of Global Brand Licensing for Skechers (sourcing and managing licensing programs on behalf of the $2 billion brand around the world), and worked as Director of Business Development for bsp (a brand extension consultancy).

Homing at Work

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Imagine getting all your grocery shopping done in the middle of a workday, and think of the time this might save you on your precious weekend! It might sound foreign to you, but a lot of companies are allowing employees to do this very thing. A new trend is rising that allows employees to run errands and do personal activities during regular working hours, and – perhaps surprisingly – it is actually increasing employee productivity.

In the last two years the number of employees running personal errands during the day has increased by 31%. At the same time, the number of employees who reported having a healthy work-life balance has increased by 11% despite a 30% increase of employees working more than 9 hours a day.

Professor Stewart Friedman, founding director of the Work/Life Integration Project thinks this work-life balance satisfaction is a result of allowing employees to take breaks during the day to perform personal tasks. “The big idea is that it’s possible to create value for the different parts – for work, home, community and your private self, the domain of mind, body and spirit – in ways that you probably didn’t think about before. It doesn’t have to be a trade-off,” says Freidman of this balance.

Allowing employees to handle some personal tasks during the work-week can:

–       Improve focus and concentration

–       Creates a results-driven culture

–       Helps determine what is really required of the job

Striking the right balance will require a process of trial and error. Friedman recommends starting out by asking employees what type of flexibility they actually desire. Next, you can test this freedom for a set period of time before making it permanent.

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Summer Team-Building

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It’s getting hot in here! 25% of office workers feel their productivity decreases in the summer time. This is due to many different factors, including vacations, summer time distractions, the heat, and the list goes on. If you’re an employer fearing the summer slump we are here to help! Here are some fun and productive summer team-building activities that can help to boost your employees’ morale and guarantee that summer is just as productive as the rest of the year:

–       Outdoor Excursions: Take advantage of the warm weather by taking employees out of the office to embark on some type of outdoor activity everybody can do together. In Los Angeles, some great ideas are a group hike, stand-up paddle boarding or even a surfing lesson!

–       Field Trip: Field trips aren’t just for middle school students! Not everybody will be able to do this, but if you have flexibility to shut down the office for a day, a coordinated day trip can be an amazing way to bond your employees and give everybody a well-deserved treat. Some ideas are a day of wine tasting, a food tour of local favorites, or a visit to the best museums in the city.

–       Yoga: Not only is yoga a great way to keep your employees healthy and happy, it is also best done outside, making it a perfect summer activity. Have a yoga instructor come in once a month and hold an outdoor yoga class for willing participants. This shows you care about your employees’ wellbeing and will offer a nice productive break from the workday.

–       Off-site Lunches: Sharing a meal together outside of the office encourages employees to open up and get to know each other. Host a lunch for your employees at a relaxing nearby restaurant.

–       Summer Potluck: Have everybody bring in their favorite summer dish or dessert to share with their co-workers. This will lead to a fun atmosphere on that day and make employees feel like they are sharing a meal with friends!

You might be wondering how these non-work activities could possibly lead to better productivity. These types of activities increase morale, which is key to a happier and more well rounded employee. Low morale can lead to low productivity and an increased turnover. Here at Treehouse Partners we try to mix things up once in awhile with bike rides to our favorite local ice cream shop and outdoor lunches. What are your favorite team-building activities for the summer?